PB2 Chocolate Peanut Butter Fat Bombs
8 ounces of Coconut Oil melted
4-8 ounces of PB2 Chocolate depending on flavor desired
1 teaspoon Truvia or Swerve granulated – to taste
Mix all ingredients together and pour into silicone candy molds, then refrigerate until hard. Store in refrigerator.
Alternate options

Use the smallest cupcake papers instead of the silicone tray.
Use Peanut Butter PB2
Add one almond or macadamia nut to each cup

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  1. Thank you for this recipe. I must say that it has helped out a lot to have these little sweets ready to eat. I just finished my second Keto week and just got over the keto flu! I made these exactly as instruction and added an almond to each one which helped with tolerating the coconut oil consistency. The peanut butter chocolate also helps with the flavor and consistency of eating coconut oil. I’ve been blogging my results and also including a little review each week on the online recipes I try. You can check it out on DIYerfy.com if you’d like.

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