“Dieting without being in a state of ketosis is difficult, and can cause some negative symptoms, until you reach ketosis.” 

Anyone who has tried to diet in order to lose weight knows that the first week or so is rough!  Getting your body into fat burning mode is very hard to do for most people. The only way to do it without help is to completely avoid anything that turns in to sugar, while exercising and forcing the body to a state of ketosis. During this time some people experience negative symptoms which is why a diet is easy to fail.  There are things you can do to lessen the symptoms or completely avoid them if you desire to do so. Look at the Keto Kickstart Program.

“Symptoms commonly called the Keto Flu are not even really caused by ketosis. They are caused by the body’s reaction to reducing carbohydrates, and can cause some dehydration and electrolyte imbalance, which can cause some not so fun symptoms.” 

Remember to replenish!   

  • Sodium – MOST IMPORTANT – 5000-7000mg daily (see article It’s Not the Salts Fault)
  • Potassium – SECOND MOST IMPORTANT – 1000-3500mg daily
  • Magnesium – NECESSARY regardless of diet because we can’t get enough from food or drink – 300-500mg daily


Himalayan Pink Salt has 420mg per 1g, you will need about 1tbs, of this specific salt to meet your daily sodium requirement. But don’t stress out over this… check out the Keto Kickstart Program to avoid some of the necessity of this.


Forget bananas, they have too much sugar. Imagine that one avocado has about 708 mg of potassium and  spinach has about 839 mg per cup!


Almonds have about 105 mg in 1/4 up, but remember that you should only have about 1/4 cup of nuts daily. Avocados also have about 42 mg per cup. So remember to have your daily dose of Guacamole. Get my simple recipe here.



Eating healthy fats also help increase the level of ketosis. Make sure to add avocado, coconut oil and/or MCT oil as well as animal proteins with fat to your meals to increase the amount of fat being processed.


Adding supplements to your daily regimen can also help. Using a probiotic, digestive enzymes that help break down fats, MCT oil and other supplements that increase ketosis, or induce ketosis can also help prevent symptoms.

Skip the Keto Flu by following my the Keto Reboot Program.

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