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I am wanting to take a few minutes and talk about something that I think is really important for everybody to realize with the holidays coming up I know everybody’s going to be concerned about calories and what they’re eating, and how to do all those things and have a lot of fun for the holidays and still manage to lose weight at the same time.
So I know that can be a struggle… and I know that sometimes it’s hard to keep your eating under control when you’re dealing with holiday festivities and such. So I’m gonna give you some ideas based on what I’ve been doing and hopefully it will help you manage the next month or two a little better.  
The title of this video is how to burn fat without going to the gym. I know that’s something that a lot of people worry about and I know I hear all the time (and I’m guilty of it as well) “I don’t have time to go to the gym.”  I don’t make time to go to the gym. I try to exercise at home sometimes but I still fail at getting that done so I’m here to tell you that I’m not perfect either. I have problems with that as well so but what I really wanted to talk about tonight are these amazing little things called medium chain triglycerides they’re also called MCTS for short and MCT is just like I said, it’s an acronym that we use for medium chain triglyceride. All that means is it’s a medium chain fat. We have short chain triglycerides, we have medium chain triglycerides and we have long chain triglycerides… say that three times real fast! MCT oil is probably the one that’s in the news the most right now because it’s a very unique saturated fat. 
Now, I know a lot of people think saturated fats are bad for you.. but just hear me out. So MCT oils – if you’re talking about coconut oil MCT oil is the finest most broken down triglyceride that comes from coconut oil and it’s a very unique saturated fat in the way that it’s an antioxidant, it’s antimicrobial, it helps build the immune system, helps protect the immune system, it also fights viruses and bacteria. So a lot of times you’ll hear of people using something called lauric acid which is another derivative of coconut.  Lauric acid is very antimicrobial as well, so you’ll find people use it to fight things like yeast and fungus, bacterias and viruses, because it helps the body target those things and break them down. That’s not what this is about just wanted to make sure and point that out so that everybody’s aware that MCT has those benefits.
Also I said this earlier, but MCT oil is the easiest form of fat that your body can use for energy and it’s also the easiest calories that you can take in. Now people think calories are bad, but calories are necessary. They’re a necessity for your body. If you don’t have calories in- you can’t get energy out.  Calories are very very important, but what you want to do is make sure that the calories you take in are very nutritious calories and they’re things that your body can utilize and not be stored as fat so the difference between MCT oil being a saturated fat and it’s so easily absorbed and something like seeds and nuts and olive oil which are long chain triglycerides they are not as easily absorbed they have to actually be processed and they’re easy they’re easier for the body to store as fat than MCT oil. MCT oil actually helps you burn fat because it converts so quickly and it helps increase your metabolism. It’s much easier for your body to use as an energy source than basically
anything else, so if you’re looking to lose body, fat increase the amount of energy or calories that your body burns per day, MCT oil is a great thing to add to your diet. Scientists actually have done some studies and they found that for men if you use MCT on a daily basis you burn about 460 extra calories a day and if you think about it – it takes 3500 calories to be burnt off to lose one pound. So if a man is burning off 460 calories extra a day and not changing anything else he’s losing about a pound a week.
Have you ever seen that cartoon where the the lady says I stopped doing this and I didn’t lose any weight my husband lost 10 pounds and then she says what are you trying to do disappear?  Men just burn calories better have more muscles so women unfortunately only burn about 190 extra calories a day by adding MCT, but even if you only do that every single day it’s 190 extra calories that you wouldn’t have burnt otherwise and if it’s a half a pound a week you’re still making progress! So don’t worry if your husband tries to disappear it’s okay. It’ll be all right. 
MCT oil helps you lose body fat, it gives you more energy at the cellular level, it helps you burn more calories a day and here’s the real kicker,,, MCT oil makes you feel full so if you can get yourself to use MCT Oil every day even if you do it a couple of times a day MCT oil makes you feel satiated or full. So if  you’re thinking about the holidays that are coming and you’re worried about what you’re going eat and how you’re going to eat, how you’re gonna keep those calories off… if you start using MCT oil as a daily supplement you’ll find that you’re not as hungry and it’s a whole lot easier to have a little bit of cake or a little bit of Christmas egg nog than a whole bunch. It’ll keep you from over indulging. Because, let’s face it, everybody needs to have a little bit of something every now and then so if you can stop yourself from overindulging you’re gonna do much better on keeping those calories under control. MCT oil help makes you feel full less hungry, it’s better than nuts and seeds, it’s a better kind of fat, it’s easier to absorb and it’s a super fuel for the cells. 
I use a MCT oil product. I absolutely love it. I have a couple of different ones that I like actually if you’re interested in what those are I’m happy to talk to you about it. I know my friend Docia and Christine both have used MCT supplements in the past I’m not sure how much of that they’re doing at the moment, but I know that there are powders, there are liquids, there are different ways that you can get MCTS into your diet and I’d be happy to discuss that with you if you need some information on how to do that. If you’re looking to speed up your metabolism, burn fat, feel less hungry, feel more satisfied, then what you want to do is get MCT oil in your body a couple of times a day and you’ll be surprised at how improved your life is, you can fight viruses as well and what time of year is better to do that than right now. This time of year when everybody else is getting the sniffles.
If you have any questions please send me a PM or drop me a comment I’m happy to share my brand that I use I’m happy to help anybody to figure out what it is that they’d like to have. If you’re interested in recipes that help you burn fat and help you stay thin and even some recipes that you can take with you to some holiday gatherings please stay posted because I’ll be posting those on my website. 
As soon as my kitchen is done being remodeled I’m gonna start doing some videos. We’re going to do some recipes so that you’ll be prepared for those holiday dinners and I hope you all have a fabulous evening. Thanks for watching.
If you’re watching this as a replay please comment replay, and if you’re interested in finding out how to get more MCT oil in your body ask me about it and I will help you figure that out.

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