Does food affect your child’s behavior?  Does it affect yours? 

I have heard many parents joke that if their child eats sugar they can expect some wild behavior after. I know many adults who use caffeine to make them more tolerable in the morning.. 😉

Have you ever tested out the theory on your family? A British TV show, THE FOOD HOSPITAL, did and the results are alarming.  They fed different foods to children who attended parties and compared the results.

The FOOD Hospital Experiment

Children between 5-9 attend a party and were split into two different groups.

One was fed healthy options like apple slices, carrot sticks, sandwiches, hummus and so on… the drink was water.

Two consumed party food. Candy, potato chips and soda.  These foods all contain the standard sugar, artificial flavors and colors, with additional additives.

They then noted the childs ability to follow instructions, concentrate, remember etc., as they played games.

The results are very specific and shocking.


Mean Behavior  Healthy group  0 incidents   party food group 69 incidents

Physical Aggression  Healthy Group 8 incidents  Party Group 63 incidents

Hyperactive Behaviors  Healthy Group 30 incidents  Party Group 163 incidents

Totals of bad behavior  Healthy Group 120    Party Group  720

The “Healthy Group” actually performed 48% better in the games too!


Make your own conclusion from this study… Test it out on yourself and your family. In my practice I definitely see a connection to foods and behavior. Most moms will agree.  I always recommend a low sugar, low carb, healthy fat lifestyle for all of my friends and family that trust me with advice. Good quality vegetables, berries and proteins are definitely a better choice.

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