Dairy could derail your weight loss!

It is so easy to over eat cheese, yogurt, sour cream and other dairy products because they are creamy, and yummy.* Not everyone struggles with dairy, but many do. I would venture to guess that many people do have issues with dairy and they are unaware of it.

4 Reasons to avoid Dairy

  1.  Cows milk contains lactose, which is a sugar! Not only can dairy add too many calories to your diet, the lactose in milk requires a specific enzyme called lactase to be digested. Many adults no longer have the ability to make lactase which can cause digestive disturbances as well. If dairy gives you gas, bloating or diarrhea you should definitely avoid it.
  2. Milk increases mucus production which can aggravate allergies like asthma, sinus congestion and ears. It can also irritate the gut lining causing inflammation. Inflammation decreases weight loss.
  3. Dairy can be considered a cross reactor to gluten. If you already know you are sensitive to gluten, then dairy could be adding to your problems as well.
  4. Dairy can also contribute to leaky gut syndrome, which allows other things like bacteria and viruses, and the proteins in normal every day foods to get into the blood stream. This causes inflammation and contributes to food sensitivities.

All of these things can interfere with the body’s immune system and during cold and flu season, you need your immune system to work at its best! If your immune system is constantly being irritated with things that cause an immune response it interferes with health, and makes you less able to fight off invaders, sleep well, manage stress etc…

*Please note that I am not including eggs in this list, even though some people do consider eggs in the dairy group. Eggs are an awesome source of protein, and healthy fats!

That all considered… if dairy doesn’t bother you, I think using whole milk products such as heavy cream are an awesome addition to a ketogenic lifestyle. I love making dips, sauces and toppings with heavy cream and creamed cheese. Keto cheese cake is one of my favorite treats. Just watch the amount you include in your daily diet, because calories do count.

You can not drop inches on a keto diet if you take in more calories than you burn off.


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