Ketones for kids???? YES!!! Callie, age 10 accepted the 60 day challenge. The purpose of the challenge was to see the difference ketones would make in fat loss (different than weight loss) and gaining muscle. For the course of 60 days Callie would drink one ketone drink daily (Heart Tart, her favourite). Callie made more healthy food choices throughout the 60 days (did not “diet”).

She ate pizza on pizza day and spaghetti on spaghetti day at school and just made herself more aware of the other choices she made throughout the week. Callie continued with her regular physical activities (hockey, physical education at school and a bit of dry land training) nothing extra. Callie had her body composition taken August 31 and then again November 3. Her actual “weight” on the scale had increased 1.3 lbs. The great thing about reading your entire body composition is that Callie actually gained 4.6lbs of skeletal muscle mass and lost 6.1lbs of body fat. An overall total of decreasing her body fat % by 6.5%. Callie is a beautiful strong young girl that is aware of healthy choices and continues to live them daily, now with the addition of drinking ketones!

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