10 Day experience

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A 10-Day Keto experience with Dr Annette

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Whats Included?

10 days of support with Dr Annette

Shopping lists and keto recipes

10 packets of my favorite ketones

  • Energy
  • Fat Loss
  • Focus
  • Appetite Control

Let's get you started...

10 Day Challenge Guide - gives you step by step directions every single day for 10 Days

Things like:

How long to fast

What to eat

What workouts to do

How much water to drink


Keto Diet Approved Food List -- so you know exactly what is allowed on Keto

58 Page Guide With Daily Meal Plans & Recipes - to show you exactly what you should be eating while on keto

Daily Activity Checklist to keep you on track every single day

How To Keto Hack A Restaurant Guide -- know exactly how and what to order when you're dining out

How To Optimize Your Ten Day Video Training -learn what to DO + NOT Do to get MAXIMUM results in ten days

KETO NAT - rapid ketosis in 30 minutes or less (some benefits include: control cravings, suppress appetite, increase energy)

Unlimited Group Support from our admins- We all will be there EVERY step of the way!

Contests to Win a FREE Box of PTKs

Discounts on your next purchase of PTKS

Products May Vary Depending on Availability.

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A sample pack will get you on the right track to ketosis! You will experience the benefits of ketosis immediately. No waiting for energy, focus, mood or appetite control.