Thanks for reminding me

Thank you to the person who called me chubby on Facebook live..

It was nice of you to say that I was beautiful first but …you took away the compliment with “she looks awful chubby for someone who follows the keto diet.”

Compliments have no room for “BUT’s – if I say this to you…

  • You have beautiful voice but
  • I love your smile but
  • You do great work but

I don’t even have to say anything after the “but” for it to sting, do I?

Here’s what happened after you made that comment.

  1. I agreed with you.  Why? I don’t know. Maybe because it’s easier to be hard on yourself than to celebrate yourself.  Thank you for reminding me to celebrate every little victory.
  2. I looked at my lifestyle and I agree I have slipped on a couple of things.  I let my very limited exercise routine slip and I may have been a little lax on my diet.  My excuse? I got married, and did a total rehab on my house while living in it.  I forgot to care for myself while I was so busy. Exercise as other people do it has always been hard for me due to my health, but it’s necessary! Thanks for reminding me that people are watching me and that I am important.
  3. I realized what you think of me doesn’t matter.  Thank you for helping me be more courageous and know that what I have to share is important. 
  4. I realized my health is better than it’s been in 20 years! I may not look like your vision of health, but that’s not what I was going for.  I am on my own journey.  Thank you for helping me realize how awesome I feel.

Thank you for reminding me how far I have come. I know you saw a 10 minute video of me, but you don’t know what my life was like 1 year ago, 2 years ago. 5 or ten years ago.   

I am a survivor, I have overcome many things in my life.  I have beat autoimmune disease. I have conquered severe debilitating chronic back pain, which at one time had me on the brink of suicide.  The only thing that saved me was my daughter. I have raised an amazing child, who is a much better mom that I ever was. I have achieved amazing things. Thank you for helping me see my life for the amazing gift that it is!

Thank you random facebook person for calling me chubby.  Even though all you could see was my face.  I’m actually 160 lbs and 5’9 – and even though I started to believe you, I realized that I’m not chubby at all.  But I do need to get back on my exercise routine and I need to be more diligent on my modified keto diet. I will share my journey with others – the good and the bad, because I feel like they need to hear it, see it.

Thank you! I thank God every day for the positive changes my new lifestyle has given me. There is no question in my mind that exogenous ketones and a modified ketogenic diet have made my life so much better.   You helped me see how far I have come and made me want to be even better! Thank you for giving me another reason to celebrate!


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  1. AWESOME RESPONSE ANNETTE! I am so proud of you for standing up with such a positive attitude to an inconsiderate person who has no right to make such a criticism without fully knowing you and your journey! It’s a journey for better health not for a super model look and the same type person who made that crappy remark would probably be just as crude if you did get that skinny! You are beautiful inside and out and I for one am glad to be traveling along in this adventurous journey with you.

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